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Build Small, Live Large: Portland’s Accessory Dwelling Unit Tour Register Here

Register Here

A tour for people interested in learning more about ADUs and meeting the homeowners, builders, and designers who built them.

The next tour will be on Saturday, June 25th, 2022. 

Three ADU Events – June 24th-25th, 2022

Friday, June 24, 2022, 8:30am-6pm

ADU Academy

Separate registration required. ADU Academy is a one-day professional education event customized for designers, builders, lenders, realtors, appraisers, real estate investors, and developers. The course will be taught by experienced practitioners. Learn more and register here.

Note: The Academy is not intended for homeowners. Saturday’s ADU Workshop is better suited for homeowners seeking to build an ADU.

Saturday, June 25th, 2022, 10am-4pm 

Build Small, Live Large- ADU Tour

Attendees take a self-guided tour of ADUs in Portland at their own pace. This tour contains a new set of 13 ADUs throughout Portland, never featured on the ADU Tour before. This is the largest one-day tour of ADUs ever. Register here.

Saturday, June 25th, 2022, 6pm-8pm

The Saturday Evening ADU WorkshopSpecial purchase link


You must purchase an add-on ticket when you are purchasing your ADU Tour ticket in order to attend the two hour workshop.

  • If you purchased this add-on ticket through Eventbrite (see example off the add-on ticket below), then we will be able to check you at the door of the event simply using your name. No paperwork or anything else is needed.
  • If you did not purchase admission for the workshop at the time that you purchased your ADU Tour ticket, you can do so by using this link. When you show up at the workshop, you will have to produce the PayPal email confirmation of this purchase on a smart phone or in printed form.

Space is limited to 230 people. The standalone registration cost is $30.

When and Where:

This presentation will be held in the sanctuary at Taborspace, located at 5441 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215. Plan to arrive at 5:45pm. The talk will begin at 6pm. It will go to 8pm and will include opportunities for questions and answers.


This workshop will primarily cover the new zoning regulations in the City of Portland, which include two ADUs, as well as cottage clusters. It will also cover the rules for placing and inhabiting a tiny houses on wheels or an RV on residential property. We will review some of the best practices in terms of development and design and cost, referring specifically to the ADUs that were featured in the ADU Tour.

You can ONLY register for this workshop as an ticket add-on to the ADU Tour itself. The workshop is only intended for attendees of the ADU Tour, as it will reference some of the best practices in terms of development and design and cost, using the ADUs that were featured in the ADU Tour.

ADU Tour Booklets and Wristbands

In order to visit the ADUs, you will need ADU tour booklets and wristbands.

This year, your ADU Tour program and wristband will mailed to you if you bought the early bird ticket.

Regular ticket holders will be able to pick up the ADU tour booklets and wristbands on the day of the tour. We will provide information about where to pick these up in early June. When picking up them up, you do not need to print out a physical copy of your ticket. You’ll just need to bring a photo ID. You can pick up booklets and wristbands for others as well– just have the other registrants forward their confirmation email to you.

Got Kids?

Kids 12 and under may attend for free

Volunteer for the ADU Tour

Volunteering is a 3.5 hour volunteer commitment that comes with a free pass to see the ADUs during the period that you are not volunteering. Tour volunteers are assigned to a particular ADU, and check wristbands, tally attendance at the ADU, and answer basic questions about the tour. If you’re interested in volunteering, contact the tour organizer at and we’ll get you set up. More information about volunteering is available here.

About the ADU Tour

This tour is managed by Accessory Dwelling Strategies LLC with support from the City of Portland, Metro, Earth Advantage and the Energy Trust of Oregon.

Questions about the tour?– e-mail

ADU tour archive

The May 2014 ADU Tour information is posted here – Project profiles

The May 2015 ADU Tour information is posted here – Project profiles

The Fall, 2015 ADU Tour information is posted here – Project profiles

The September, 2016 ADU Tour information is posted here – Project profiles

The September, 2017 ADU Tour information is posted here – Project profiles are here and here

The June, 2019 ADU Tour information is posted here – Project profiles

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