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Seventeen ADUs!

I don’t know what I was thinking.

I couldn’t help myself. I kept saying yes; I couldn’t resist. Now, look what I’ve done.

Maybe you’re wondering what am I talking about. I’m talking about this year’s ADU Tour, of course!

In previous tours, there have been as many as twelve ADUs in a day, which is about as many as any tour attendee can reasonably manage to see in the 6-hour timespan of the tour.

This year, there’s 17 ADUs!


This will definitely be the largest one-day tour of ADUs ever held. And none of these ADUs have been featured on previous ADU Tours.

ADU Tour
June 22, 2019
Learn more Here

Early bird sales end June 1st.

Warning: You probably won’t be able to visit them all. But you can try.

Here’s a breakdown of the ADUs by the numbers:

  • 6 attached ADUs (internal, carve out, bumpouts, conversions).
  • 11 detached ADUs
  • 4 ADUs under 400 sq ft
  • 3 conversions
  • 5 mostly accessible units
  • 5 multigenerational households
  • 7 studio-style ADUs
  • 4 two-bedroom ADUs
  • 1 prefab ADU
  • 1 townhouse new construction
  • Least expensive – $70K
  • Most expensive- $380K
  • 5+ used renovation/construction loan or alternative financing


Want to attend for free?

Volunteer for a half-day shift at an ADU and a get a free pass for the other half of the day. Learn more here.

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