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Announcing Accessory Dwelling Academy and The ADU Tour

On June 21st, 2019, we are running a new professional education event designed for builders, designers, lenders, realtors and appraisers who aspire to up their ADU game and stand out from the competition.

This will be the first national event of its kind, where practitioners from anywhere in the country can come together to learn about the best practices for ADU development in their respective fields. Attendees will meet other practitioners to help foster a national network of ADU-focused professionals.

A top-notch cohort of selected practitioners serve as accredited instructors for the Academy.
Attendees will also be able to earn the ADU Specialist designation which is offered by Earth Advantage, an event partner.

Learn about:

  • current appraisal research on valuation
  • emerging ADU development models
  • using Fannie Mae HomeStyle Renovation loans to finance ADUs
  • general contractor ADU construction business models
  • design specialization for conversions and new construction
  • and much more….


Early bird registration ends
March 15th, 2019

The ADU Tour- June 22nd, 2019

This year’s ADU Tour features 10+ new ADUs, never featured on previous tours. This is gearing up to be the largest one-day tour of ADUs ever held.

Learn more about the ADU Tour
June 22, 2019

About Kol Peterson

Kol is an ADU consultant, advocate and author of Backdoor Revolution: The Definitive Guide to ADU Development. Read more here: and learn about building your own at Email at

2 comments on “Announcing Accessory Dwelling Academy and The ADU Tour

  1. Rachel Hemmingson
    February 11, 2019

    Kol Are you planning to include a section on financing? Perhaps my colleague who does renovation loans and I could be part of that?

  2. janice lundy
    June 1, 2019

    I am an Earth Advantage Real Estate Broker for at least 10 years now and I have been to previous ADU tours in PDX. I am registered for this class and paid the $365.00 but I am wondering now if this is going to be all about PDX ADU and not much about the rest of this great state of OR as it relates to ADU?

    Being a 7th generation Oregonian from pioneer builders and being an active Realtor since 2007, I would like to know more about what is happening in outlying OR territory? As in Yamhill County, Clackamas, Washington, Columbia Pacific and Lincoln Counties? The expanded Portland region. I don’t care if the information is general but I’d like a wider view.

    Kol I have seen your work in PDX and took the Sustainable Building Course at MHCC years ago and you were honorable mention then as well as many others in green building and better bricks.

    Do you think I will be able to garner new information about ADU in OR outside of PDX in this class or no? Please advise.

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