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Accessory Dwelling Academy

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Accessory Dwelling Academy
June 21, 2019

Accessory Dwelling Academy Build Small, Live Large: Portland’s 6th Accessory Dwelling Unit Tour

About Accessory Dwelling Academy

Accessory Dwelling Academy is an educational event about ADUs for industry professionals. Specifically, it’s for designers, builders, lenders, realtors, appraisers, real estate investors, and developers.

ADUs are a recently re-emerging housing phenomena with many distinctive development elements. The Academy will provide detailed insights about ADU development from industry practitioners who have first-hand experience in this growing market in the leading US market for ADUs.

This inaugural Academy is being held on the same weekend as the ADU Tour and The ADU Class for Homeowners.

  • The Accessory Dwelling Academy is an event designed for industry practitioners (primarily, designers, builders, lenders, realtors, and appraisers), though anyone is welcome to register.
  • The ADU Tour is an event suitable for both industry professionals and homeowners.
  • The ADU Class for Homeowners is an event primarily for homeowners who are interested in building an ADU.

Attend the Academy and earn the ADU Specialist designation. Display your expertise and credentials.

The Accessory Dwelling Academy registered attendee page

An outline of the core Academy topics that attendees will learn:


  • Exterior Design
  • Interior Design
  • Client Services
  • Typical costs
  • Small Space Psychology
  • Case Studies


  • Working on site with homeowners
  • Design/build process
  • Setting expectations
  • Specializations: Garage conversions, basement conversions, internal ADUs
  • Potential Shared assets
  • Utilities

Real Estate

  • ADU Overview
  • Market for ADUs
  • Understanding ADU potential
  • Consulting
  • Zoning entitlements
  • Consulting with Prospective Clients
  • Investors/Homeowner as developer
  • Lot line partitions
  • Development models
  • Condoization


  • ADU Costs
  • How we finance ADUs
  • Alternative Financing Options
  • Loan Options
  • Finding the right ADU funding Option for your Client


  • Overview
  • Appraisal Theory
  • What makes ADU appraisals different and challenging
  • Techniques to valuing homes with ADUs

About the Instructors


Kol Peterson


Kol Peterson is Founder and Director of Accessory Dwelling Academy. He is the author of Backdoor Revolution-The Definitive Guide to ADU Development, owner of Caravan- The Tiny House Hotel, the first tiny house hotel in the world, and organizer of Portland’s popular ADU Tour.  He consults with homeowners about ADUs on their property, and teaches ADU classes for homeowners and for real estate agents. He edits and manages and Kol developed and lived in a detached new construction ADU in 2011, and developed a basement/garage conversion ADU in 2018. He has a masters degree in environmental planning from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.

Schuyler Smith

Schuyler Smith is a licensed architect in Oregon and Washington with a bachelors of architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. In 2013 he co-founded Polyphon Architecture and Design, which specializes in residential architecture with a focus on ADUs and missing-middle housing. Since 2010 Schuyler has been deeply involved in the ADU and small housing scene, building personal projects, leading tours, giving talks and designing numerous ADUs at Polyphon. Schuyler grew up in the Pacific Northwest and cares about lots of things, including his family, biking, building things and being outside.  



 Joshua Salinger


Joshua Salinger is Founder and CEO of Birdsmouth Construction, a residential Design-Build company located in Portland OR. Josh graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a double major in Zoology and Conservation. In 2007 he started Birdsmouth Construction with the goal of designing and building beautiful, high performing homes and ADUs that transform and improve the built environment. He has received certifications from Earth Advantage’s Sustainable Homes Professional course, sits on the board of Passive House Northwest, and is a PHIUS certified builder. He lives in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood of Portland with his wife and 2 children. He enjoys playing guitar, yoga, cooking, bemoaning the inefficiency of his house, and making the world’s best cup of coffee.

Hillary Seiler


Hillary absolutely loves helping her clients make their dream of homeownership a reality. For more than seven years, she has specialized in residential mortgage lending with an emphasis on custom construction financing including homes and ADUs. Recognized in 2016, 2017, & 2018 as a Construction Elite lender, Hillary credits communication as her customer service superpower. Hillary is a fourth-generation Oregonian whose family came across the Oregon Trail. She cherishes her deep Pacific Northwest roots and is passionate about the social and natural opportunities of living on the West Coast. A huge hockey fan, Hillary travels with friends to see live games in arenas across the U.S. and Canada. She treasures time with her immediate family and her Shiba Inu, Dragon.

Carson Mead


Carson spends a lot of time thinking about ADUs, and loves talking about them. After traveling abroad for several years, he settled back into Portland and took up a career in real estate. After initially falling in love with the tiny house movement, that organically grew into an appreciation for the uniqueness and nuances of ADUs. After participating in one of the Portland’s ADU tours, he knew that he wanted to try and join the movement to make one happen for himself. Over the last two years building a detached ADU, he immersed himself in all phases from beginning to completion. He brings that knowledge to work, helping clients identify and purchase properties that are ideal for their specific goals. He understands the importance and necessity of having a strong professional team to tackle the complex intricacies of taking on a development project, and helping clients set their expectations appropriately.

Abdur Abdul-Malik


Abdur Abdul-Malik is a certified residential, FHA-approved appraiser. He takes progressive appraisal education seriously to stay abreast of the latest valuation methodologies. Abdur is a Candidate for Designation with the Appraisal Institute, is an associate member of the REAA, and a board member of the local ASA Portland, Oregon chapter. He also runs the Portland Appraisal Blog website. Abdur is currently leading an appraisal research team in an ongoing analysis of the resale value of Portland area properties that have legal ADUs. The project is in conjunction with Portland State University’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions.

Dulcinea Myers-Newcomb

Earth Advantage Broker + ADU Certified Specialist

Dulcinea is an Earth Advantage broker and ADU Specialist with a design and an award-winning professional background, Dulcinea is steadfast when it comes to serving her clients and wants the very best for each and every person she works for. In 2014, Dulcinea began studying the relationship between ADUs and their owners–she has been an ADU advocate ever since. In her free time she stays busy with her family, travel, cooking, curating art shows, and dreaming big!

Development Models Speaker- Eli Spevak

After moving to Portland in 1994 as a construction supervisor with Habitat for Humanity, Eli Spevak managed the finance and construction of over 250 units of affordable housing through work in the non-profit sector.  He served on the board of Portland’s community land trust for its first 5 years and worked with residents of Dignity Village, a self-built homeless camp, during its first two.  After taking a year off to work as a backcountry ranger, Eli launched a development and general contractor company, Orange Splot LLC, to pioneer new models of community-oriented housing, ideally within an easy bike ride of his house.  Completed projects have been featured in the New York Times and Sunset Magazine – and his most recent community, Cully Grove, just received a 2016 AIA Housing Award.  He’s led tiny house bike tours, advocated for regulatory changes to support accessory dwellings, and co-founded the website. Eli was awarded a Loeb Fellowship in Advanced Environmental Studies at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design in the 2013-2014 school year.  Since then, he’s participated in Portland’s Residential Infill Project to reform zoning in single dwelling areas, co-founded an advocacy organization (Portland for Everyone) to support diverse, abundant and affordable housing, and now serves on Portland’s Planning and Sustainability Commission.  He continues to launch new communities and hopes they go well enough to fund his policy habit.

Accessory Dwelling Academy organizers

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