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ADU Academy

About ADU Academy

ADU Academy is an educational event about ADUs for industry professionals. Specifically, it’s for designers, builders, entrepreneurs, developers, realtors, real estate investors, lenders and appraisers.

ADUs are a recently re-emerging housing phenomena with many distinctive development elements. The Academy provides detailed and expert insights about ADU development from industry practitioners who have first-hand experience in this growing market in the leading US market for ADUs. It will also provide a chance to network with a cohort of practitioners from across the country. 

Professional training

The ADU Academy is an event designed for industry practitioners (designers, builders, entrepreneurs, developers, realtors, real estate investors, lenders and appraisers, and advocates), though anyone is welcome to register.

Earn the ADU Specialist designation. Display your expertise and credentials.

Testimonials from Academy participants

If you want a comprehensive overview of all things ADU – this is the place. There are not many places in the US that combine ADU theory and practice with a track record. ADU Academy does that and more. An additional bonus is the group of people who sit with you in class. Overall, it has been a most positive and educational experience. 

-Olesia Chikunova, Home WiP, Los Altos, California

Really appreciated the exposure and education through presentations backed with so much expertise and experience. Practical examples and knowledgeable leaders in the ADU movement. Thank you.

-Janice Lundy, Berkshire Hathaway Northwest Real Estate, Pleasant Hill, CA

ADUs are one of the most promising residential building types to ever emerge in the US market. They serve a huge need for housing, equity building, community based real estate and aging in place. I highly recommend the ADU Academy for all professionals looking to better their ability to serve this dynamic and growing market.

-Todd Jersey, Todd Jersey Architecture, Inc., Berkeley, CA

You are learning from the very people who have helped to foster a movement in housing!

-Rachel Ginis, Lilypad Homes, Marin Country, CA

I am a residential designer who traveled from Seattle to go to the ADU Academy and it was so worth it! A great group of presenters who were very knowledgeable in their specialties. I know design and was there to learn about everything else. Which was a lot!

-Val Sporleder, 1AD Studio LLC, Seattle, WA

I left excited and armed with fresh ideas to implement in my Twin Cities market. 

-Juley Speed, Edina Realty, Minneapolis, MN

As a business owner building a new business finding quality information and network connections were key to my business growth strategy in my new ADU business. Attending the ADU Academy provided what I was looking for to educate myself and to connect with leaders in the ADU Industry, In one day I feel I have moved my business ahead 6 months from where I would be without this resource.

-Brooks Gibbs, I Live In A Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah

The ADU Academy went much deeper than any other ADU course I have taken in the last 5 years, since I earned the ADU Specialist designation. It provided so many resources and an opportunity to network with other professionals within the industry. I am excited to share this valuable information with my peers, clients and my business partners.

-Michele Shea-han, ELEETE Real Estate, Portland, Oregon

This ADU Academy was terrific- even considering myself a top tier expert I learned even more. The unfolding of Oregon Senate Bill 2001 and laws similar to it around the country make it essential for anyone wanting to build or work in this housing sector to get to this event! I loved it hands down- one of the best!

-Dirk Knudsen, Evermore Abundant, Hillsboro, Oregon

If you are need to learn about ADU development on the West Coast, this is the venue to find the information. It would take months of searching on an individual basis to find the experts collected in this one place. The information is comprehensive, and presented clearly by professionals who know their topics, and have proven experience in the field.

-Jeff Andre – SecondLook Design, Happy Valley, Oregon

This program was filled to the brim with valuable information and networking opportunities. Efficiently run, not a moment wasted. Fun and informative. I was especially impressed that it attracted professionals from various fields and from the far reaches of the country. I highly recommend it whether you are a Real Estate Professional, an Appraiser, a Lender, an Architect/Designer/Builder, or an interested Investor. Equal appeal to all tracks.

-Pam Zielinski, CRS, Principal Broker, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services NW Real Estate, Netarts Bay, OR

If you’re interested in incorporating the ADU market into your business, this Academy is an absolute must! Packed with great information and very well organized. In addition, you’ll meet lots of bright people from all over the country that have a passion for the ADU market – just like you! I went through the Academy last week and I’ve already had fellow attendees from Toronto and Washington DC stop by to collaborate here in Seattle!

-Gary Olmeim, Hybrid Prefab, Seattle, WA

An outline of the core Academy topics that attendees will learn:


  • Site Design
  • ADU Design
  • ADU Structural Types
  • Utilities
  • Client Services


  • Working on site with homeowners
  • Design/build process
  • Setting expectations
  • Specializations: Garage conversions, basement conversions, internal ADUs
  • Potential Shared assets
  • Utilities

Real Estate

  • ADU consultation
  • Development models
  • Market Forces
  • Investment Scenarios
  • Integrating ADUs into your business


  • ADU Costs
  • Financing Options
  • Outside funds
  • Equity you have
  • Equity you create
  • Lending Concepts & Challenges
  • How lenders view a house with ADU vs. Duplex
  • Key Underwriting Guidelines
  • Impact of Differing Motivations of Lenders vs. Homeowners
  • Innovations in ADU Financing & Development


  • Overview
  • Appraisal Theory
  • What makes ADU appraisals different and challenging
  • Techniques to valuing homes with ADUs

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