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Follow up to the Spring, 2015 ADU Tour

The spring, 2015 ADU Tour was amazing! Here’s  a few snapshots that will provide a sense of what the event was like.

On Friday evening, 349 people attended a 3-hour ADU 101 workshop.


Here’s a video in which I asked everyone about an extension of Portland’s ADU SDC waiver.
(sorry that the audio quality isn’t great, but you’ll get the idea).

In the follow up tour survey of attendees, we also asked, ‘If you’re planning to build an ADU, would a $17,000 SDC charge deter you from building an ADU?’ The results aren’t surprising. If the SDC waiver lapses, it’s extremely likely that the number of ADUs being developed by homeowners would drop significantly.

Graphic of SDC fee_2


Saturday’s tour sold out with 1,000 tickets sold. One 740 sq ft ADU in NE received 770 visitors! That’s more than one visitor per sq ft over the course of 6 hours! But, even so, the feedback indicates that the ADUs generally did not feel too crowded 🙂

The tour was full of useful information, opportunities to engage with the homeowners, designers, and builders. Here’s a link to the profiles of the ADUs that were featured on this tour. This information will prove useful for tour attendees as they go back through their pictures and notes. But indeed, the costs, tips, and advice provided in this page will prove useful to any homeowner that is seeking to build an ADU.

And,  it was lots of fun. For locals, I spoke with many attendees and volunteers who said that they ran into people that they hadn’t seen in years–another fun byproduct of the tour. We also had people fly in from all over the US and Canada, including New York, Arizona, Colorado, and from as Hawaii.


After Saturday’s tour, we had a great party at Caravan- The Tiny House Hotel. Here’s a 10-second snippet of the party. Don’t worry if you missed it, we have live music events all summer long.

On Sunday, over 900 people poured into the 13 ADUs featured throughout SE Portland.  The average ADU in SE received 527 visitors.

Most tour attendees already knew what ADUs were, but wanted to see examples of them in person. Mission accomplished. Survey-questions (3)IMG_3747

In addition to the self-guided touring, Eli Spevak provided an informative guided tour for a group of 20 people, diving deep into ADU obscura. Here’s a (very wonky) 10-minute video clip about condo-izing ADUs taken when the guided group arrived at Kristy Lakin’s ADUs at Woodstock Commons. 

We look forward to running another city wide ADU tour this fall on Saturday, November 7th. Information about the tour will be available on the ADU tour web page later this summer.

For attendees (or others) who have questions about the ADU development process, consider signing up for called Campfire Conversations: ADU Q & A at Caravan- The Tiny House Hotel or an upcoming ADU class.

If you have an album of photos or videos from this weekend’s ADU tour that you’d like to share, you can post the link in the comments below or email the link to me.

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