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ADU Tour on September 8th-10th

The ADU Tour is just a couple weeks away on September 8-10th. Registration information is located on the ADU Tour home page.

If you are planning to build an ADU, drop whatever else you have planned and clear your schedule for this weekend. This will be the last ADU Tour before Portland’s system development charge waiver is set to lapse in July of 2018, allowing homeowners to save $10K or more on an ADU.

This weekend is the best way to get started on the ADU development process. Based on the project profiles provided by each hosts, 16 of this year’s hosts attended at least one ADU Tour and cite the tour as instrumental.

This is the largest (and best) ADU Tour in the nation. If you’re from outside of Portland, drive or fly in to get here. We can’t make the totality happen again in Oregon, but this event will be invaluable in helping you to learn how to spread ADUs in your area. There’s already people coming from Alaska to Florida and we would love to have more people attend from all over the country.

The 24 ADUs on this year’s tour are top notch, representing a huge range of types, styles, and costs.

See more pictures here and here

For those who are interested in seeing certain ADU structural types, here is the breakdown by day (a few of them fall into 2 categories).

Saturday  Sunday
Detached new construction 5 7
Garage conversion 1 3
ADU above a garage/workshop 3 2
Addition to ADU 2 0
Basement conversion 2 0

They range in size from 250 sq ft to 800 sq ft. More detailed information is available upon registration.

The goals of the ADU tour are three-fold.

  • See up to 24 ADUs inside and out (both the architecture and the finishes)
  • Learn from the homeowners who have just gone through the process themselves
  • Connect with ADU industry professionals

If you are hoping to build an ADU or just want to see what the hype is about….

Register now at

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