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Build Small, Live Large: Portland’s Accessory Dwelling Unit Tour- Fall, 2015

A tour for people interested in learning more about ADUs and meeting the homeowners, builders, and designers who built them.

Register at



Schedule of Events

Friday, November 6th. This one-day housing summit will gather leaders in the small house movement to share what’s working and what’s next. Learn about cottage clusters, elegant space efficient designs, and smart policy initiatives that build community.

Registration for this event separate from the ADU Tour:

Saturday, November 7th, 10am-4pm: Attendees take a self-guided tour of ~10 ADUs in Portland at their own pace. This fall tour will contain a new set of ADUs throughout Portland, never featured on the ADU tour before. More information about the ADUs on this year’s tour will be posted by October, 2015.

Register for the ADU Tour:


Pictures of ADUs featured in the spring, 2015 ADU Tour

Fall 2015 ADU Tour - Google Chrome_2015-08-01_10-04-20

Likely Fall 2015 ADU Tour locations

Ticket Pick Up

All ticket holders can pick up booklets and wristbands at the event:

Monday, October 26th starting at 12pm- Friday, October 30th ending at 12pm

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

811 SW 6th Avenue, 10th floor, Portland, OR, 97204


Kids under 12 are free

Questions about the tour?– e-mail

Here’s a local news video about the ADU tour in spring, 2014

ADU tour archive

The May 2014 ADU Tour information is posted here

The May 2015 ADU Tour information is posted here

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