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ADU Tour- Early bird sales end August 19th

Eary bird sales for the ADU Tour end on August 19th. You can buy tickets now.

It’s shaping up to be an awesome event! There’s going to be 12 ADUs featured on Saturday in NE and 12 ADUs on Sunday in SE.

For those who are only interested in seeing certain ADU structural types, here is the breakdown by day (a few of them fall into 2 categories).

Saturday  Sunday
Detached new construction 5 7
Garage conversion 1 3
ADU above a garage/workshop 3 2
Addition to ADU 2 0
Basement conversion 2 0

Seeing specific structural types of ADUs is certainly useful, but for design inspiration, simply observing and noting the compact layouts and finish material selections of any small house can be equally valuable.

Some interior finish images from the upcoming ADU tour

If you’re actually going to build an ADU in the next year, it’s worth your while to attend both days and then just cherry pick which ADUs to visit each day. You won’t be disappointed. Each ADU is TOTALLY different than the rest.

For those who about the minutia of this graphic, “conversion” is for converting existing permitted spaces to an ADU, whereas “attached” means an addition to ADU.

The latest ADU permit numbers in Portland have just arrived. The graphic above shows Portland’s ADU permit numbers through the halfway point of 2017, which is shaping up to be another big year for ADU development.

This makes sense, as the system development charge waiver is set to lapse in less than one year (July, 2018). One year from now, ADU development costs will be significantly higher if Portland’s City Council takes no action to abate the SDCs on them, so homeowners are scrambling to get their ADUs started.

We’re working to figure out what those SDC fees are likely to be, but needless to say if you’re considering building an ADU in Portland, this would be a good time to do it. And there is no better way to get started than to meet the homeowners who have just been through the development process and to connect with their designers and builders on the ADU Tour.

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