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environs llc ADU Profiles

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Environs ADU 1

environs llc ADU #1

ADU #1

  • Square Footage: 320
  • Year Built: 2013
  • Architect/Designer: Dave Spitzer of ADU PDX
  • Builder: environs, llc
  • Current Use: owner’s parent’s primary residence
  • Ballpark Cost: $88,000

The Project: This ADU was designed and built for the homeowners’ mom to move into. At only 320 square feet, it’s a very small unit, which is okay because it operates as an extension of the home, providing a separate space for Mom without duplicating all the functions of the home.

The Challenges: There were no code or site challenges, but I would change the location of water heater since it’s outside.

The Solutions:

  • The vaulted ceiling makes the 320 square foot space seem bigger and is the occupant’s favorite thing.
  • The choice of a 2 burner stove is smart – especially if your family member is living in the main house with “full size” appliances.
Environs ADU 2

environs llc ADU #2

ADU #2

  • Square Footage: 680
  • Year Built: 2015
  • Architect/Designer: environs, llc
  • Builder: environs,llc
  • Current Use: owner’s primary residence
  • Ballpark Cost: $140,000

The Project: The occupant is the designer/builder and is a general contractor specializing in ADUs. She wanted to design a 1-level affordable, highly-efficient ADU.

The Challenges: A lot of dirt had to be removed in order to maintain grade and create a 1-level ADU. This also triggered a retaining wall. It would have been wise to involve more landscape planning in the beginning.

The Solutions:

  • Natural gas fires hydronic heating in the slab and serves domestic hot water. Combining functions saves space and often money in the long run. The clean efficient heat is the homeowner’s favorite aspect.
  • Nine foot ceilings with skylights allow the home to feel light and spacious – without having cathedral ceilings – which are typically more expensive to insulate and/or you don’t get as much insulation in them.
Environs ADU 3

environs llc ADU #3

ADU #3

  • Square Footage: 400
  • Year Built: 2015
  • Architect/Designer: Ryan Austin of Polyphon Architect
  • Builder: environs,llc
  • Current Use: long-term rental
  • Ballpark Cost: $100,000

The Project: This is an attached garage to ADU conversion with a footprint of 11’x19.’

The Challenges: Converting old structures is inherently tricky. Surprises pop up when you look more closely at things. To avoid some of those surprises make sure you take a good look at conditions prior to design/construction. Get everything cleared out and bring adequate light in so you can see what you’re working with. Its also tricky to get everything in this small footprint without overtaking the space.

The Solutions: We added so much light in this old dark garage! The owner loves the light and architecture of the stairs – which also provide sight lines to the outside with open railing and risers.

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