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So, You Want to Rent an ADU in Portland…

…well, join the club.

Detached ADUs are in short supply, and huge demand.

The fact that they are in short supply and high demand should serve as a strong indicator to homeowners and crafty real estate entrepreneurs that there is a real market gap to tap here.

Until the supply has caught up with the demand, expect to pay a little bit of a premium for renting out a detached ADU. Detached ADUs (permitted or not) in the inner Portland market may rent for $800-$1500/month, around $1K/month on average.

Basement Apartment for Rent

Meanwhile, ADU seeker, you’ll just have to do some intensive searching to find this kind of dwelling for rent. Craigslist is probably the best place to search for them. Try using a boolean search like the one below that would show you results that match one of many commonly used terms for ADUs.

(as of 11/15/12, there are a few hits that look like intriguing and relevant options)

Boolean searches are very useful tools for Craigslist, so it’s worth learning how to set one up like the one above, but you’ll need to customize it to match your specific needs.

Another possibility is to use a site like Airbnb to find cool places to stay on a monthly basis. Here’s an advanced search that shows you some of these places in the Portland area.

Out of frustration at seeing how few of these options there are for you to rent, perhaps you’ll consider eventually building one for yourself. Believe it or not, that’s not an uncommon story of how some ADUs come to be.

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