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Build Small / Live Large Housing Summit

When measuring energy use on a per sq ft basis, large homes are often more energy efficient. The problem is that energy is actually used on a per person basis – not sq ft. Therefore, due to low household sizes, those living in larger homes are often consuming more energy per person than those in smaller homes.

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So, is there a sweet spot between size and efficiency? A point where energy upgrades no longer make sense in a small building with lots of surface area heat loss?

Come find out at Build Small Live Large Housing Summit on October 26th. This is just one of many topics covered in the fantastic lineup of presenters for the day.

The 2012 Build Small | Live Large Housing Summit will gather leaders in the development, real estate, building and design sector from across the bioregion for an intensive day of inspiration, project case studies and peer-to-peer learning. Industry professionals will see innovative designs and learn about the financial success stories emerging across our area.

This one-day housing summit will challenge architects, developers, builders, remodelers, urban designers, policy makers and real estate professionals to craft strategies for this growing housing market. Participants will learn about successfully built projects, financing, space-efficient design, incentives and policy initiatives. This is a great time to explore the leading edge of the housing movement– where design, cost, and care for the environment intersect with the needs of today’s families.

The next housing trend is quickly arriving – will you be ready?

Learn about:

  • Financing the small house
  • Emerging trends in urban development
  • Accessory Dwelling Units
  • Demographic shifts & market demand
  • Innovative, space-efficient design
  • How to identify your next buyer

*Opportunity to earn AIA and LEED AP continuing education credit available

Registration 8:00am – 8:30am
Welcome and Opening remarks: Jordan Palmeri, DEQ Green Building Specialist and Nicholas Hartrich, Cascadia Green Building Council
Keynote Address: Ross Chapin, Ross Chapin Architects
Living Large by Building Small: Waking Up to Leading Edge Trends in Housing and Community

Ross Chapin, FAIA, is an internationally acclaimed architect, land planner and author from Whidbey Island, north of Seattle, WA. In an era when American homes were trending toward mega scale, Ross consciously took a counter approach, focusing on the refinement of smaller custom home design tailored to meet homeowner’s needs and desires without excessive space, yet having a spacious feel, functional service and elegant simplicity. Ross’s work and ideas have been featured in the USA Today, AARP Bulletin, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Toronto Globe & Mail, Forbes, Architectural Record, Builder Magazine, Planning Magazine, and more than 30 books, including Solving Sprawl, Superbia, Housing for Niche Markets, and Sarah Susanka’s Not So Big House series.

Morning Agenda [10:20-12:00pm]
Why Size Matters: Designing small spaces that feel big
Versatile and flexible relies on spaces that can be repurposed for multiple uses that change with daily/seasonal needs more than squeezing use out of every square inch of space. This session will explore the design elements of dynamic spaces that feature both tall and compact volumes, including design compact kitchens, bath rooms, bed rooms and the ʻsuperwallʼ. Participants will hear from three award winning designers who have worked on some of the most progressive housing models in the bioregion.

  • Michelle Jeresek, Departure Architecture (Portland, OR)
  • Jake Fry, Smallworks Design Studio (Vancouver, BC)
  • Nir Pearlson, Nir Pearlson Architect (Eugene, OR)

Financing the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)
While small design is gaining popularity, the real question is: are ADU’s feasible? This session will cover ADU construction costs, common funding methods, rebates and rates of return. Also, a peek into how to refinance properties with ADUs from the perspective of a homeowner, appraiser, and mortgage lender.

  • Taylor Watkins, Watkins and Associates (Portland)
  • Dakota Gale, Green Mortgage NW (Portland)
  • Kol Peterson, ADU owner and advocate (Portland)

Beyond the Boomer Housing Boom: How and Why Demographics are Shifting the Market
The unprecedented aging of our population is one trend that is shaping our housing stock. The Baby Boom generation has been driving change throughout their lives and is now seeking new housing models to meet their needs. Meanwhile, a younger generation is seeking out housing forms that aren’t as different as you might expect . From accessible, accessory dwelling units to walkable, urban neighborhoods, Boomers and Generation Y are reshaping the traditional concept of suburban single family living and ready to break from Peter Pan Housing (homes designed for eternally able-bodied). Learn where regional housing trends are heading. The answers might surprise you.

  • Bandana Shrestha, AARP Housing Specialist (Portland)
  • Alan DeLaTorre, Portland State University, College of Urban and Public Affairs (Portland)
  • Charles Rynerson, Portland State University, Population Research Center (Portland)
  • Brianna Holan, LMN Architects (Seattle)

Lunch [12:00-1:00pm]

Afternoon Agenda [1:05-2:45pm]

Emerging Trends: Opportunities for small-scale urban development
Your glimpse into the current market for small single family homes, including cluster style development of small homes with shared common spaces. Who are the buyers, where are the looking, and what is their lifestyle? This panel of housing experts will outline supply vs. demand issues and other housing trends based on direct market experience designing, building and selling smaller homes.

  • Eli Spevak, Orange Splot LLC (Portland, OR)
  • Ross Chapin, Ross Chapin Architects (Whidbey Island, WA)
  • Jenelle Isaacson, Living Room Realtors (Portland, OR)

The Trouble With Small
We want small houses to be efficient, appealing and financially viable. The opportunity is exciting, but real hurdles exist – ones that we can surmount if we work together on crafting smart solutions. Join us for an examination of these hurdles and a panel discussion featuring possible solutions in the areas of design, development, construction and energy efficiency.

  • Scott Leonard, Energy Trust of Oregon (Portland)
  • Sam Hagerman, Hammer & Hand (Portland)
  • Jake Fry, Smallworks (Vancouver, BC)
  • Eric Engstrom, City of Portland (Portland)

Biggie Smalls: The Notorious Tiny House
Micro Houses are structures that are often smaller than 200 square feet and have captured the attention of mainstream media and the hearts of thousands of Americans. They may be portable or fixed-in-place and may stand-alone or may be tethered to a “normal” house for utilities. These wee buildings are used as backyard studios, extra bedrooms, guest suites or full-time residences. Tiny House advocates explain that these small simple structures provide a flexible, affordable, reasonable (albeit small) solution for residential use, urban infill, and pocket communities. Our panelists will present information from their experience designing, building, and living in micro-houses with a focus on the unique benefits and challenges of taking small to the extreme.

  • Dee Williams, Portland Alternative Dwellings (Portland)
  • Lina Menard, This is the Little Life (Portland)
  • Derin Williams, UrbaNest NW (Portland)

Closing SLAM – FREE and open to the public [3:00-4:30]
An opportunity for you to see a snapshot of the best projects in the Pacific Northwest. Our leading designers have assembled images from the most space efficient design projects that will leave you walking away inspired to start your very own. Featuring the following:

  • Hammer & Hand
  • Orange Splot
  • Smallworks Design

If all this looks intriguing, you can register here.


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