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Tiny Dwellings in Portlandia? (video)

The IFC show Portlandia has garned lots of attention in Portland. It even inspired a fan contest in which Portland residents submitted their own ‘Portlandia’ inspired videos.

Tiny Dwellings in Portlandia (video) Accessory Dwellings - Google Chrome_2014-03-14_10-36-03

This hilarious video submission showcases one modest attempt at tiny house design. While not directly about ADUs, there is a larger house in the background, so the tiny house in question may qualify as an ADU—-if it could pass local building codes.

Here It Is (The Small House Portlandia Video) from Dawn Jones on Vimeo.

We have Twitter evidence that Carrie Brownstein, one of Portlandia’s co-stars, is in the Tiny House rental market herself.

The logical follow up question would be whether Portlandia’s Season 3 may include a clip about tiny houses. However, we at would challenge Carrie and Fred to leap frog directly to a piece about ADUs. 🙂

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