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Build Small, Live Large: ADU Expert Presentations

Hourly ADU expert presentations will be held at Living Room Realty on 1401 NE Alberta Street on Sunday, June 1st as a part of Build Small, Live Large: Portland’s Accessory Dwelling Unit Tour. Healthy snacks and coffee will be provided by New Avenue.





10am ADU Planning and Zoning Regulations- City of Portland– Land Use Services Division 

This session will provide an overview of the regulations of the Portland Zoning Code related to the establishment of ADUs (attached and detached); highlight common planning-related issues encountered during ADU permit review, and discuss the potential for design flexibility through the land use review (Adjustment) process.

11am Smart Design for Small Spaces– Polyphon Architecture and Design

Learn the best strategies for designing small within Portland’s ADU code. Topics will range from how to make small spaces work and how to build compactly to making the most of your allowable zoning.

12pm Cash Incentives and Green Certification Options for ADU’s- Earth Advantage and Energy Trust of Oregon

Learn how to integrate a green building certification program into the design/ construction of your ADU from Ryan Shanahan- Earth Advantage. Andrew Shepard- Energy Trust of Oregon, will explain how the energy efficiency, on-site inspections, and performance testing of these certification programs can qualify an ADU for an Energy Performance Score and incentives up to $5,400 from ETO.

1pm Financing ADUs with Local Financial Products- Prospect Mortgage

Gain a better understanding about how home owners are utilizing renovation mortgage loans to finance their ADUs in a purchase transaction or refinance.   Walk away with the knowledge of how to turn your property into an income stream or a place for your in-laws to live.

2pm The Building Process from A to U- Shelter Solutions  

Learn about the process of completing a Feasibility Study– the first step with any homeowner. Presentation will include examples of a site plan,  design, estimate, and a preliminary meeting with city. Discussion of variables affecting costs, and the benefits/drawbacks of each type of ADU (attached, detached, and within the existing structure).

3pm ADU Online Collaboration & Project Management – New Avenue Inc 

A well-run project can be a beautiful and fun experience.  Kevin Casey from New Avenue will discuss lessons learned in working with with 85 projects, 250 clients (and 500 curious neighbors).  Topics will include best practices and resources for collaboration, scheduling and budgeting that can keep a project on time and on budget.


8 comments on “Build Small, Live Large: ADU Expert Presentations

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  2. Lou chain
    May 26, 2014

    Can I attend these classes without attending the soul out guided tour?

    • kolpeterson
      May 26, 2014

      Hi Lou. The tour isn’t sold out. (Lina’s guided tour is sold out, but that isn’t the main self-guided tour). You can still buy tickets from this site.

      And yes, you may attend whichever talks you wish, though you’ll have to wait in line for each presentation in case there are more attendees than chairs.

      • Karen
        May 29, 2014

        Hi I would like to attend a couple of the workshops. Is that possible, being as that it’s sold out?

      • kolpeterson
        May 29, 2014

        Unfortunately, the presentation space is limited and only open to tour attendees. We just opened up a waitlist, so add your name to it in case get some cancellations.

  3. jil andrew
    May 31, 2014

    Is the tour full &what is the cost?

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