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5 comments on “Copyright & permissions

  1. Kimia Haddadan
    July 6, 2015

    Hello, I’m a planner for the San Francisco Planning Department. We are working on promoting ADUs and just finished a handbook for the public. I’m wondering if I can reuse your ADU break even calculator spreadsheet to put up on our page. I’d need to change the base numbers so I won’t be able to directly link to what you have. I’m happy to give the credit to your website. Thank you!

  2. CJ Cruz
    January 9, 2018

    Hi, thanks for this great site! I bought a house in Portland that pretty much has a (non-permitted) ADU in the basement. Are there any businesses/consultants you can recommend in Portland who will do the permitting process for you? Roughly, what would it cost to have someone do the permitting process for you (excluding the costs of any modifications that we’ll need to make)? Thanks!

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