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Rainbow Valley ADU Profiles

To learn more about this company, check out Design-Builder Profile: Rainbow Valley Design & Construction Inc and read Stephen Williams’ ADU: An ADU on the Alley.


ADU #1 – Richenstein

  • Square Footage: 700
  • Year Built: 2012
  • Architect/Designer: Rainbow Valley Design & Construction Inc
  • Builder: Rainbow Valley Design & Construction Inc
  • Type of ADU: detached new construction
  • Current Use: long-term rental
  • Ballpark Cost: $135,000

The Project: As Rainbow Valley designed and built an ADU for the Richenstein family, the primary goal was to create a long-term rental that would generate rental income.

The Challenges: The key challenges were matching the style of the existing 1940s home, making the sewer connection since the ADU was lower than the sewer line, adding a ½ bath upstairs, and putting in a power pole.

The Solutions: Rainbow Valley installed a sewer pump to address the problem of being lower than the sewer. They provided 1½ baths, which makes the space more usable for 2 people. They also added some 12″ Hardie Board to original house so they could use it on the ADU. All of these decisions resulted in a private, extremely rentable ADU.


ADU #2 – Dunham Waugh

  • Square Footage: 470
  • Year Built: 2015
  • Architect/Designer: Steve Routen
  • Builder: Rainbow Valley Design & Construction Inc
  • Type of ADU: detached new construction
  • Current Use: guest house
  • Ballpark Cost: $126,000

The Project: The Dunham Waugh ADU was designed and built so that the owners would have a place for their autistic son to live that afforded everyone privacy and space while still allowing him to be close to home.

The Challenges: With a small site and a tight budget, it was difficult to accommodate the desired level of quality, including craftsman details, painting, and landscaping. Creating a code stairway in this small ADU was also a challenge.

The Solutions: The ADU is a tasteful addition to the Dunham Waugh backyard and it works well for the client’s son.


ADU #3 – Knoedler

Square Footage: 510

Year Built: 2015

Architect/Designer: Rainbow Valley Design & Construction Inc

Builder: Rainbow Valley Design & Construction Inc

ADU Type: new construction above new detached garage

Current Use: short-term rental

Ballpark Cost: $130,000

The Project: The Knoedler ADU was designed to be used as a vacation rental above a garage.

The Challenges: A key challenge of this project included coordinating with the owner to develop a single vision of an end product. The timeline was constrained when the building department took over two months to issue permit. The project also maxed out the maximum lot coverage of 15%.

The Solutions: The resulting ADU is highly desirable for short-term rental, with a balcony, vaulted ceilings, and bike storage.

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